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Using the Law of Attraction to Solve Your Problems

If you consciously ask questions, you will recognize the answer when it is revealed to you. But if most of the questions you ask are unconscious, you will not see the answer in front of you because you won’t even know that a question was asked in the first place.

Questions spark up conversations, and they spark inspirational ideas that help shape our future. But our past cultural story often forbids us to ask questions. Growing up, many of us were told not to question authority; we’re told not to question Life; and we’re especially told not to question God.

In a world where everybody wants you to believe what they want you to believe, how do you know what to believe? How do you know what to do? How do you know who to trust? How do you know what to think? How can you tell if your thoughts are your thoughts, or if they’re the thoughts of someone else? When do you know when you're thinking for yourself?

Whose way of Life are you living?

Are you truly happy?

Do you feel worthy of happiness?

Do you have harmonious relationships?

Do you feel worthy of love?

What does love mean to you?

How do you feel about Life right now?

Do you love it?

Do you hate it?

Does it make any sense to you?

Do you fear God?

Do you fear Life?

Do you fear death?

Do you want to be happy?

How much happiness can you handle?

Are you addicted to pain?

Are you addicted to drama?

Do you want to be free?

How much freedom can you handle?

What does freedom mean to you?

Who are you?

Where are you?

Where are you going from here?

Do you believe that you have to suffer?

These are all profound questions I asked mySelf at a time when I felt as if there was nowhere to turn. I was inspired to turn within; and the answers that I got altered my entire inner-standing of reality in an empowering way. One of my motives for publishing this material is to help you gain 100 percent control over the quality of your Life experience.

These days you have access to more information than ever before. On the internet, everyone is an expert; and everyone has an opinion about every topic under the moon. We are no longer limited to being influenced by our home, neighborhood, city, state, or even our country. Technology has forced us to realize that we are a global society.

More than ever, your brain is being bombarded with images of worldly news. It seems as if the world is full of so much terror that it can make one easily afraid of the future. With a shift in the economic system, threats of war, global warming and more; it can seem as if there is no hope for the future.

But there is hope, because the biggest crisis we face on earth has nothing to do with economics, education, or anything external. I believe that our biggest crisis is a spiritual crisis.

There is no need for us to gather and protest out in the streets to start a revolution. This revolution is an internal revolution of the Self.

The only system you need to overthrow is your old limiting belief system, (if that system does not currently serve you in living the way you truly want to live).

How would you live if you truly believed that anything was possible for you? What would you create if you knew that you could create anything you wanted to create for yourself and the world around you?

This book may seem like a paradox at times, but so is Life. Nevertheless, this book sheds light on Life in a way that reveals the limiting beliefs that has kept most people in the dark. This book will give you the tools to unlock the doors of unlimited possibilities: causing you to experience Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Freedom. 

By now you may be fully aware of the movie, The Secret. This movie has impacted hundreds of millions and possibly billions of people all over the world in a positive way, me included.   

The Secret focused on the law of attraction, and the idea that our thoughts become the things we experience. And although our thoughts do become things, I have noticed that many people have had trouble deliberately applying the law of attraction in a way that benefits them. I too struggled with this in the beginning. 

Many people have made vision boards, visualized the perfect reality, thought positive thoughts, and made many other conscious attempts to manifest their desires. Yet, many have fallen short of deliberately manifesting, and some have even been convinced that the law of attraction does not work for them. Yet I am here to tell you that the law of attraction does work and is always working. It is not some far-fetched superficial superstition that someone made up. The law of attraction is a law, just like the law of gravity is a law.  

One of the reasons why you have not manifested the experience of your dreams is because you could have trouble thinking for yourself. Many people don’t even know who or what the “Self” is. 

I realize that it’s often easier to keep people in prison than it is to let them know that they’re prisoners. It is often easier to keep people in the dark than it is to bring them into the light. Simply put, most people just don’t want to be free; yet they make an unlimited amount of complaints about the freedom they lack.

Many people are not aware that their prison walls are built predominantly by the limited beliefs that they have placed upon themselves by perceiving Life the way they perceive it.

So many people let certain groups dictate what Life is all about instead of discovering and creating their own personal meaning. And even though some parents are unhappy, living in fear, they force their tribal beliefs upon their children in many cases.  

But this is not about blaming anyone for your problems: this is about identifying the source of your core beliefs and taking the next step in consciously choosing what you want to believe from this moment forward.

This is about you; for you have chosen to take the road less traveled by thinking for yourself and living for yourself. This is a paradoxical lifestyle that will benefit the world at large in great ways. Thinking for Yourself is all about self-love and self-expression.

But don’t mistake self-love for stinginess. Self-love is one of the most spiritually humbling truths you will ever learn to embrace.

Self-love will provide you with an empowering foundation and give you the courage to be the unlimited being that you truly are. Once you step into your power everyone you come across will get to benefit from the love you have for yourself. For when you have compassion for yourself, it will cause you to have compassion for others as well.  

Some law of attraction teachers will advise you to only think positive thoughts. But from my personal experience you cannot continue to truly think and live positive until you heal the core belief that has you thinking negative in the first place. Attempting to think positive, while having a negative belief system, is like trying to spray cologne on a body that hasn't been properly washed in years. 

As humans, we are often born into a lunch line of followers, all walking slowly in a single file line with a tray full of limiting beliefs about ourselves that do not serve us. Many people do not like the food they’re given, but they eat it anyway because that’s what’s being served to the mass majority. They don’t take advantage of the fact that they don’t even have to stand in line, because they can bring their own food for lunch. But when you awaken and begin to think for yourself, you will see that there is another way to live, there is another way to eat.  

Throughout history, there have been a small few who have dared to step out of line and move in the opposite direction of the masses. And although we are no better than anyone else, I’d like to say that you and I are a part of the chosen few.

You are chosen because you have selected yourself as being worthy of thinking for yourself. Simply because of the fact that you are reading this message symbolizes that you're eager to experience Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Freedom

Throughout history many great thinkers have been criticized and ridiculed by the masses during their time on earth, even though the world still benefited from their radical thoughts and concepts.

For instance, people thought that the Wright Brothers were completely out of their mind when they spoke of flying; yet we all benefit from their wonderful discovery today. They changed the way the whole world traveled. And even after they’d been flying for two years, most people still did not want to accept it as truth.


You see, everything new is considered to be a lie at first; and once it is proven not to be a lie, they often deem it as evil or the work of the devil. And once they can’t prove it as evil; they come full circle and say that they knew this information was right all along. In the beginning many people said that flying was the work of the devil, or some form of black magic. Many people said that if God wanted man to fly, he would have made us with wings.


It is plain to see that most people fear what they don’t understand; for they fear that they won’t understand, so they reject it. And often, what most people believe came from the beliefs of those they looked up to; and to accept the new thing as true, would go against the belief system of those they cherish the most. So they reject it.

Some people will argue that we don’t have any free will. I define free will as the ability to think what you want to think about yourself and the world. For the way you think about yourself and the world, produces the moral beliefs from which you live by. This has a major influence on your behaviors.

Just as African Americans were freed from physical slavery, I envision a world where all humans will be freed from mental slavery as well.

We are the masters that hold the keys to the chains that have us shackled to our own mental plantations. If we can break our emotional addictions to the ancient myths of being sinful victims, I know that we will experience a new way of living, by creating a new cultural story; a story that has to do with self-love, self-empowerment, self-expression and oneness with all of Life. 

There are great things to be gained from everything that is lost, but what is to be found is solely upon the seeker. Just as we look for complaints and find things to complain about, when we look for solutions, we find those just as easily.

If you really want solutions, you have to become the solution.

Self Mastery will reveal you how to become the solution to any challenge you may be facing.


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