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Emotional Vibrations For The Law of Attraction

You are an energy generator and radiator. All of your activities, thought processes and survival mechanisms, bodies functional mechanisms are always converting energy from one form to another. This energy is then flowing through convection, conduction/ and radiation into the environment around you.


So you are a moving, pulsating ball of vital energy. The energy that radiates out of your body as thought waves, sound waves, light or visual waves, heat energy, bio rhythms and more is then transmitted through the environment and through the atmosphere around you until it encounters like energies and thought patterns, these are then reflected back at you as a great big ball of swirling, circulating energy fields and frequencies.


The signals you radiate are modified, amplified and reflected back at you , which are then absorbed by the receivers of your body and culminate as experiences of amazing magnitudes and proportions. The law of deliberate attraction or creative reaction is what describes this universal phenomenon best.


The interaction of these energies amongst each other and other like energies swirling in the atmosphere culminates in reactions and explosions that create that generate different frequencies of energies, which are then reflected back at you by the parabolic reflectors of the universe.


These culminated into experiences for you. Such experiences are nothing more than reactions to the type of energies you were radiating out into the chemical laboratories of the cosmic universe. Here action and reaction are chemically equal.

The equation remains balanced. You get what you gave out intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously, in awareness or unawareness, knowingly or unknowingly…. This is the law of attraction, you have got what you were really asking for…. the universe has responded and always does.

So what is it you are looking for, what is it you are actually radiating, what are the signals you are transmitting?

Are the signals you are transmitting in harmony with what you are knowingly looking for?


Look around you, look at your experiences and you will immediately get an inkling of the type of signals you are giving out…

Happy, rich, abundant, harmonious, successful, attractive or the opposites of these. Because right now you are experiencing what you have actually asked for.

It is simply not possible that you radiate happiness and get sadness in return. You simply get what you give out. Look at your subconscious thoughts to know what it is that you are actually giving out….

To be able to access your subconscious signals that are not polluted or drowned out by your conscious signals, you need to quiet down and listen. What are the most predominant thoughts, stories, messages, voices and conversational cycles that keep going round and round your brain or thought processes… are you griped into unconscious prison by certain thought patterns, for instance,

I can never achieve that

It's not possible for me to win because it never happens

I hate him/her guts

It's simply not something I can do

I am not good at it

I wish to get back at him/her

If only I could be as smart as him/her

I know it will not happen for me so why try

I am not lucky

If I do/say this he will hate me even more, so don’t do it.

People think I am crazy, I will show them…

I am scared of driving a car, I cannot drive

I am not good at directions, I never was, so Why even pay attention to them

I hate wealthy peoples guts

Wealth is bad, I can live without it

I will not get the job…

I hate Wednesdays… because on Wednesdays the Tsunami happened and I lost my family, Wednesdays are unlucky

Or I am scared to death of water because, my best friend drowned

Or for instance you may ‘hate’ someone, and the thought processes circulating through your mind all the time are conversations or actions in which you are trying to put them down or tell them off… these unconscious conversation/action cycles can become so vicious that you will catch yourself thinking about them almost every minute of the day, even when you don’t really want to.

In fact it can get so alarming sometimes, that you might feel that you are imprisoned by these thoughts and may almost feel yourself going crazy, this could even result in stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders or other medical conditions. 

If you are really able to corner your unconscious thought patterns, then life becomes really easy… because now you know your enemy. This is the first step. Identifying your limiting thought processes.


Be aware, that human beings are very complex creatures. Our brains are capable to think up to 60,000 thoughts or even more per minute. So its quite likely that you are a captive of several limiting thought patterns at the same time,

For instance:


You blame someone harshly say your parents for your misfortunes

You hate say your boss or your mother-in-law intensely

You feel that God gave you the sour end of the universe…


You are scared of driving

You are scared to change your job

You are scared to bond or form a close relationship with anyone.

You feel that everyone is out to get you or put you down

You are scared that you will be left alone if you don’t comply

You are scared of natural phenomenon such as death or dying

You are scared of stepping out of your home because It will be burgled

You are scared of sleeping at night because a fire or earthquake might happen

You feel ugly or unsuccessful

You feel unlucky

You have limiting beliefs about money

You feel that you will run out/lack of money, and keep on penny pinching/saving or focusing on earning more sometimes very unsuccessfully

Your life is miserable


How many of the above limiting patterns can you identify with?


Then is it any surprise that certain patterns keep on repeating /showing up in your life:


For a short while you may find that you are doing well and then the same patterns start showing up all over again:


Your relationships/friendships turn sour very easily and repetitively.

You may not be able to hold a job for very long.

You are always looking for bargains wherever you can get them, sometimes at great loss to yourself

You start things with great energy, but are not ever able to complete them.

You find you are faced with intense competition,

You keep falling sick easily

Accidents happen to you frequently

You keep getting mugged, or car gets broken into or your house burgled or other criminal violations happen to you frequently.

Life is hard.


If you identify with any of the above, then know that it is the law of attraction working for you, You are simply getting what you are giving out. You can change your spouse/partner or job or even homeland/country by immigrating etc. but wherever you go whatever you do, your patterns will keep repeating themselves over and over again. You Can’t run away from what you yourself are attracting.


If you really want to change, and want to break out of your ruttish cycles, than you need to change the energies that you yourself are vibrating out to the universe. Because the universe is neutral and simply gives you what you ask for.


That is the law of attraction. Like attracts like. So if you ask for the bad, you get the bad and if you ask for the good you get the good. It is totally possible for you to change your asking to go from the bad to the good. It is also possible to design and create your own customized life just by changing your energy vibrations or patterns.

Yes, you are allowed to do a 180 degree U-turn on the attraction highway. This is the only solution to any of your life issues. And it works.


Now the question arises how do you take this U-turn? How do you change your energy vibrations from the bad to the good or the negative to the positive? How do you start attracting what you really want?


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