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How to Have a Great Day

Live Your Own Life

Many people want to be happy but they don't know how to be happier. In this article, my mission is to help you find simple ways to be happier without anything external changing in your life. 

I am here to tell you that when you learn to be happy without anything in your life-changing, you are now experiencing the life of sustainable happiness.

One of the things you can do to be more happier is to live your own life. Many people are unhappy because they are living the life that somebody else wants them to live.

They are often living the life their mom wants them to live. They are often living the life that their father wants them to live. And they are also trying to live the life that other people they care about want them to live.

When you try to find out what life you should be living based on what others want for you, you confuse your brain and your heart and make them fight against each other.

Often, your brain wants to live the life that other people wants you to live. But your heart often has its own desires. 

Your heart wants to live the life that it truly wants to live at its core. The heart does not care about what other people think about it... but the brain does.

I highly suggest that you take out some time and ask yourself, whose life am I living? When you find the answer to this question you will also find the answer to happiness.

Happiness comes as a result of us deciding that we're going to put our happiness at the forefront of our life experience.


Another thing you can do to be happier is to forgive everyone and everything. 

So many times we are not happy because we are holding on to anger and resentment related to events that happened in the past.

Anger and resentment are weights that hold us down and keep us from moving forward to a brighter future.

I have found that in order to fly high and be happier, we have to forgive everyone and everything that we believe has ever done us wrong.

Yes, I do mean forgive everyone and everything!

Forgiveness is not about letting other people off the hook. Forgiveness is about giving yourself permission to feel better.

When we forgive, we are removing the emotional baggage off of us. When we forgive we are giving ourselves permission to let go of the past and embrace the present.

So Many people feel like they are justified for their anger and animosity towards people that have wronged them in the past.

Make no mistake about it! Being angry at somebody is only hurting you; it is not hurting them.

When you are angry it is you that is feeling that anger.  The other person does not feel what you feel inside your body.

So when you are angry you are hurting no one but yourself.

Forgiveness gives you an opportunity to better your situation because you are no longer focused on the problem. You are now focused on the solution.

I highly encourage you to forgive everyone and everything, no matter how hard it is you must try if you truly want to be happier.


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