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Will There Be Another Economic Crash?

Many people are proclaiming that we are up for another economic crash. In my humble opinion, the economy is not fueled by oil, money, or any other of the common things the average person may think of.

The economy is fueled by human emotions.

When humans are more optimistic they become more creative, more productive and more eager to go after their dreams.

This is why I highly believe that it's very important to maintain a positive attitude despite the appearance of things.

Be sure that you are not allowing the appearance of things to cause you to lose hope. Be sure that no matter what you continue to consciously think as positive as you possibly can.


When most people are in doubt, that's when you need to do everything possible to become more optimistic about what's possible for you.

Happiness is key to a thriving economy.

1.Think Better

2.Feel Better

3.Live Better


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