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What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the process of closing your eyes and allowing the essence of Life to make love to every cell of your body. Meditation is the practice of becoming perfectly still; stopping all body movement and all thoughts. It is the process of becoming familiar with one’s true Self. Meditation is about observing the stream of consciousness with a mindful and open awareness in order to create a peaceful sensation within the body of the mind.

The core meaning of the word meditation is “to become familiar with.” You must become familiar with your SELF if you are to ever become familiar with Life. Once you understand yourself, you will understand Life. 

Meditation is good for a lot of things. It can lower high blood pressure, cure illness, help you gain control over your thoughts, train your mind how to focus, raise your consciousness, and improve your level of awareness. But most of all, meditation will enlighten you about Life.

A clear mind makes you more productive, especially in creative disciplines. Meditation helped me to improve my confidence and cleared my mind of limiting beliefs. And each day I do my best to center myself in a place of peace, love and wellbeing. Meditation is a daily practice.

There is no one way to meditate; that is why it is called a practice. You can practice meditation by finding a quiet place to sit or lie down flat on your back. Whether you sit or lie down is up to you; just make sure your spine is straight, and focus on relaxing every aspect of your body.  

A Simple Meditation Technique 

• Sit down slowly in a comfortable position. You can sit on a chair, on a pillow, or flat on the floor. Do whatever works best for you.

• Gently close your eyelids.

• From your head to your feet, allow the muscles in your body to soften and relax.

• Pay attention to what you’re sitting on. If you’re sitting on a chair focus on the parts of you that are touching the chair. Become aware of your buttock touching whatever it’s sitting on. If your feet are flat on the ground, notice the bottom of your feet touching the ground. Pay attention to what your hands are touching. Meditation will recharge your battery. Just like a battery, you have a positive post and a negative post. See the bottom as the ground and the top part of you as the positive.

• Just like a battery, you need to ground yourself in order to charge up. Paying attention to what you are touching will allow you to ground yourself.

• Slowly take a deep breath through your nose for 5 seconds. Breathe into your lower abdomen and allow your stomach to rise as you inhale.

• Hold your breath for 5 seconds.

• Then, slowly breathe out through slightly parted lips for 5 seconds as your stomach flattens.

• Repeat this process 3 or 4 times.

• Eventually, there will be no thoughts.

As you do this, allow your breath to permeate every cell of your body. From your head to your feet, do this technique until your body falls asleep. After your body falls asleep, allow yourself to breathe naturally while focusing on your breath.

It may help to imagine in your mind that you are in the most beautiful place you could imagine. Get a clear image of this place. I like to imagine that I am on the shores of a beautiful beach, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

This will help relax the body. Once you get this beautiful picture in your mind, your body will react as if you are actually there.

Meditation is the art of separating thoughts from the Self. When you are trying to quite your mind, thoughts will often appear out of nowhere. This is completely normal. Just become aware of your thoughts without any judgment. Don’t try to stop them. Let them pass by like logs in a river; or waves in an ocean.

As you meditate, emotions will also come out of nowhere. Don’t try to stop them. Allow them to pass by like logs in a river.

If you become lost in thought, gently bring your awareness back to being aware. It is important to be patient with yourself.

Your job in meditation is to be aware. Be aware of your heart beating. Be aware of your mind thinking. Be aware of your breath, breathing.

Notice that you are the awareness that is aware. Become aware of yourself being aware of yourself.

You don’t have to do anything. Just be! Just be your Self. The Self is awareness. The Self is the soul. The Self is consciousness. Become conscious of your own awareness.

Sleep is unconscious meditation. Meditation is conscious sleep. See if you can get your body to go unconscious while you are conscious. This is why it is important to take deep breaths in the beginning. Deep breathing slows down the heart rate, producing relaxation in the body.

If you're meditating and still sad, angry or depressed, then you're not really meditating; you are simply closing your eyes and thinking.

For when you really meditate and reach a state of absolutely no thought, when you have expanded beyond your physical body, when you transcend time and space and you feel one with everything around you; I am convinced that there's no way in the world you cannot be blissfully happy.

After this type of meditation someone can walk up to you and curse you out, and you might just burst into spontaneous laughter. Your bills may be due, but it doesn't worry you. For in this moment of pure meditation, you die to all your worries and you are reborn into unlimited joy and infinite possibilities. In this meditative state you remember that you are not a human that is being spiritual, but that you are a spirit pretending to be human.

The key is to bring this peace back into your reality. Your negative thoughts are the only thing that drives you into an early grave. So you do all these outside things to distract yourself from yourself. But you cannot run from yourself. When you are leaving your destiny up to chance, chances are you will never be truly happy because there is no outside would outside of your own consciousness.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt I am convinced that most people are afraid of their own power. They are afraid of their own immortality. They are afraid to know themselves at the soul level. So their mind tells them fearful lies while their heart keeps trying to remind them of the truth. This is why most people say, they just believe in the words written in the holy book: but which one? There are many holy books. And all those books were filtered through the mind of man who intentions are not known.

There are no words that were ever written that are the ultimate truth; all those words point to the truth, but the words themselves are not the truth. Even my words are not the truth, because even my words point to you. You are the truth. If you ever want to do anything to show your love for God, learn to meditate. Truth cannot be truthfully spoken about. It can only be only experienced. 


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